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Kids use yoga to learn mythology
14-Dec-07 13:45 

Fourth-grade teacher Elisabeth Beckwith wants her students at Fernbank Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia, to pay attention to a lesson on Greek mythology. Fourth-graders at Fernbank Elementary in Decatur, Georgia, practice the dromedary delight.

Instead of staring at the board in the front of the classroom, the kids are lying on the floor near their desks practicing yoga. "It's fun," says 9-year old Jack Besser. It gets out the cramps after you've been sitting for an hour.Besser's classmate Medha Prakash says the yoga drills help her to concentrate. It makes me feel calm, relaxed and it gets all the stress out of me.

Beckwith has linked the symbols of Greek gods to yoga poses, such as down dog and the stork. She's hoping the students will better retain the material and be re-energized in the middle of the day. It's a fun way for them to think about things Beckwith says. You know, it's healthy for them because they're getting the breathing right and getting the stretching right. Beckwith and other teachers at the suburban Atlanta public school started offering yoga in the classroom two years ago.

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